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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Benefits of Online Faxing

Ah faxing, one of the old communication stand-bys in the business world.  Before e-mail, faxing was the fastest way by far to send and receive important business information.  Some people think the Internet and e-mail has taken away the need for faxes, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  Online faxing is taking the business world by storm, and for good reason.  Some of you may be wondering why you would use an online fax when they have a perfectly good fax machine waiting for them in at the office. Forget that old clunky machine and see what benefits the internet fax has to offer.

Less Equipment
I'm sure almost everybody reading this has had a frustrating experience with a fax machine.  Paper jams, communication errors, scanning issues, you name it.  If you send a fax online, you won't have to worry about any of these problems.   All you need to send an internet fax is a functioning phone line, and not a cumbersome fax machine. 

Save Green and Go Green
It doesn't take a business genius to see that using an internet fax service can save a business quite a bit of money.  Imagine all of the money that will be saved because you'll be using less paper.  You'll also be able to take the fax machine's maintenance man off the payroll.  Along with saving money, you'll also be doing the environment a favor.  Cutting down on paper and ink usage is good for the environment, you'll be saving trees and cutting down on pollution if you choose to fax online.

Better Records
If you're sending a fax for business purposes, chance are that company higher ups will want a copy of the sent fax.  All of those sent faxes and sent confirmation reports will slowly add up, and soon you'll need separate files and spaces for all of your old communications.  You won't have this problem if you choose to fax online.  All of your communications can be stored on your computer, just taking up memory space as opposed to actual office space.  Most internet faxing services will have your records stored in an online hub.  This allows everybody in the company to view vital sent communications, all they would need is a device with an internet connection to see faxes.


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