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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Online Faxing and Your Cell Phone - Mobility Personified

Online faxing offers a plethora of advantages to your small, medium, or large-sized business. Companies, organizations, and institutions of any size and their employees can benefit from the improved efficiency, cost-cutting, and workflow management that our electronic fax services provide. Beyond these elements though, is the issue of mobility. Mobility is centered on the fact that our fax services are accessed via the web. We obviously do not require you to purchase hardware to run our fax processes besides a computing device with an internet connection. Further, we do not even require the purchase of any software. Everything you need for your online faxing is accessible through our web platform. Wherever you have the internet, you have the ability to send and receive fax messages.  

This opens up a world of possibilities for both individuals using our service for personal use and for company employees who find themselves on the go often. Now Fax87 customers can simply fax using the web platform via their mobile device, and specifically with their cell phone. Customers can take a picture of a document or whatever the image is to be faxed and can then upload the picture and manage the documents from there. People can thus do their online faxing, sending and receiving faxes literally from anywhere they go with their cell phone, provided they have smartphone capabilities like internet access and a camera. 

There is a constant fight to maximize employee workflow and minimize the impact that traveling has on efficiency and productivity. Now, productivity will suffer less while people are on the move because they can take advantage of our web platform from their mobile device. This is an exciting development for many businesses and we invite you to further explore our website for more, similar insight on our services and how they can benefit you.



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