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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sending a Free Fax Online

Oftentimes sending a FAX is the only way to communicate with businesses, websites, work or other establishments. But not everyone has a fax machine on hand. This type of external device, although useful, simply isn't part of the average user's network. Because of this, having the ability to send a free FAX straight from one's home computer, laptop, and other internet devices is an extremely handy bit of knowledge to have.

Sending a free FAX online can be a very simple process and is available on many websites. Most of these websites make use of advertisements to make up for the lack of cost on the user's part. These free FAXes are also usually limited to a specified number of pages per FAXing session. Other sites limit the number of times per day the service can be utilized. This is why it is good to shop around to find the service that will meet your needs.

No matter what service you decide to use, the process is virtually the same. A file in requested format must be available to upload. Many free FAX services will only transfer files of certain formats, which may require you to reformat the data before sending it through the free FAX service.

For printed documents to be used for a free online FAX service, the use of a scanner will often be a necessity. The documents will need to be scanned and saved in one of the preferred formats to be transferred via the free FAX system you have chosen.

Once you have your document prepared, you will need to fill in the required information for transfer. You may also be required to view an advertisement or fill out some additional information. A common request from free FAX websites are references to friends informing them about the free FAX service you are using.

Once you have completed all requested information your FAX will then be sent. The website will most often inform you through email once the FAX has been completed. Once this has been done, you can be assured that the receiving party has received your FAX.



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