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Monday, April 2, 2012

Fax Online Straight from Your Cell Phone

Online faxing has many benefits. It allows you to fax documents via the internet without having to use phone lines. Now there is an additional benefit for those people that own a smart phone. Since a smart phone can access the Internet, a person can now fax online documents using their cell phone. It is convenient and easy.

Faxing a document using your smart phone is easy. Faxing can be done using email or by accessing the web interface at Documents must be available on your phone. Scanning of documents can be done ahead of time and uploaded to the web interface for easy access. Open your email application on the smart phone and make sure you are logged into the correct email account. Select to compose an email. In the “To” field enter the fax phone number followed by (for example Whatever you type in the Subject line and the body of the email will appear on the cover page received by the recipient of your fax. Attach the document(s) that you would like to fax and then hit “send” option to deliver the fax.

With the Fax87 service, receiving faxes on your smart phone is just as easy and convenient. With this electronic faxing service, scanned documents are converted to PDF format and then a copy of the fax is sent to your  email and a copy is also stored on the web interface at When a fax is received it is sent to the email address that is on file for the account. Using your smart phone you can then access the faxed documents received via your email client software.

Utilizing your smart phone to fax online is convenient, easy, and fast. It allows a person to be productive in their daily tasks.



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