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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Ease of Sending a Fax Online

Sending a fax online is now a common practice that offers a convenient, flexible method of faxing documents from your computer without the need of a standalone fax machine. It is a valuable, timesaving tool that eliminates several steps from the fax-sending process, while at the same time, saving money on paper, toner, and maintenance on an additional piece of equipment.

Essentially when sending a fax online all that is required is an internet connection and an online fax service to complete the process. Faxes can be sent via your email account through your computer or by using your smartphone. A professional fax service, like Fax87, makes this process simple and efficient. No more paper jams and defiant fax machines.

The staff at Fax87 offers a reliable, feature rich service. To begin with, you are assigned a free number, generally toll free, to send and receive your faxes. There is no hardware or software to purchase and all incoming and outgoing faxes can be managed online. Faxes are archived conveniently on the Fax87 systems and are never deleted. In other words, you have a reliable backup system for all faxes sent and received. Similar to a regular standalone fax machine, users receive delivery confirmations and have a customizable cover page so that your customers and clients will recognize your incoming faxes.

Setup for an online fax service is a simple and immediate process. You are up and running within minutes. Customers new to this type of service are offered a free trial period to make sure it is a method of faxing they are comfortable with. Customer support is always available with any questions or problems that may arise. It’s time to put the old fax machine in the storage closet. An online fax service makes life and business a whole lot easier.



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