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Tuesday, August 20, 2013 Infographic Featured on Yahoo! Small Business

Have your seen our latest online faxing infographic? While fax machines fade into obscurity, online faxing is growing by leaps and bounds.

An online faxing primer

In 2010, computer-based online fax sending and receiving was a $350,000,000.00 industry. By 2015, that industry is expected to grow to $620,000,000.00

While fax machines have failed to evolve into Internet connected devices, faxing itself has changed with the times. First with hardware / software combinations (desktop scanners and telephone modems) and now with digital document transmissions sent via the Internet.

Faxing still in use today

Faxing in entrenched in modern business, especially where record keeping and physical signatures are of the utmost importance. Having a "paper trail" is still relevant in many office environments. Others simply enjoy the added peace of mind of having an analog backup to their digital file storage.

View the Fax.87 online faxing infographic.

Fax.87's online faxing infographic featured on Yahoo!

Our online faxing infographic was featured twice on the Yahoo! network this month.

Yahoo! Small Business - The Fax Machine is Dead; Online Faxing is Alive
Yahoo! Finance - Fax Machines May Be Dying but Online Faxing Is Alive, Usage Shows

Both articles do an excellent job of detailing the relevancy of faxing today as make excellent cases for the continued use for faxing in industries such as healthcare and legal.

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