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Monday, January 30, 2012

Why an Electronic Fax Service is Perfect for Your Small Business

Using an electronic fax service says a lot about your small company - most notably, it puts you ahead of the curve and shows more professionalism. When your small company is competing with larger companies there are little things that you can do to stand out and retain customers. Aside from being able to provide more personable experiences to your customers, you can show how quickly and effectively you can handle their business by using an electronic fax service.

An electronic fax service allows you to avoid waiting to use the fax machine because there is no physical machine. Multiple employees can use an electronic fax service at once, helping to increase work productivity. You can even schedule your faxes to be sent at any time. Also, because you are sending your faxes by email, you can check your faxes via mobile device such as a phone or tablet, for example.

Aside from the fact that an electronic fax service saves you money because it doesn't require ink, toner and paper supplies, it allows you to provide more efficient customer service. Every customer loves to be helped efficiently and quickly, which this service allows you to do.
If being productive, flexible and on-the-go are all a part of your business then an electronic fax service is best for you.

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