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Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Gotta Be Monday – Workplace Fax Fails!

It's Gotta Be Monday – Workplace Fax Fails!

Everyone in the workplace knows his name – Murphy, and they also know his law. It seems that it always kicks in at the worst moments, especially when it comes to expensive office equipment – like the ever-present fax machine. Jammed paper, pages printed entirely in black, or even refusal to send a file – we've all been there, wanting to go Office Space on them.  

Rather than fetching your bat, check out these humorous failings (and victories!) over one of the common irritants of the office, the ever-present fax machine.

Cat vs. Fax Machine
Contrary to popular belief, smacking it a few times will not always fix it. Or maybe he was just upset over the cost of toner and ink. We'll never know, because the fax machine won out in the end of this battle!

Fax to the Future
Although many workplaces have made the transition to online faxing or email, fax machines still populate offices nationwide. Not all techies are happy with this though, as seen here. Apparently they prefer to be able to send messages at faster than 88 MPH, or maybe this particular machine required more than 1.21 gigawatts. In any case, they'd probably be happier with a TARDIS if the Delorean idea doesn't work out.

(source, user Humpyhempy on Reddit)

Explosively Fun
The mortar the merrier, these guys had a total blast giving their retired fax machine a near-Viking send off. (Please do not try this at home – these guys were trained professionals. We hope.)

Shredder Fax Prank
Harmless pranks are always good fun, and even more so when you cross a fax machine with a shredder! New trainees at an office are asked to fax over some important contracts...and then the fun starts.

Thanks for the Compliment! Working in an office can be tough, and even stressful at times. But don't worry, Friendly Fella Fax Machine's there to compliment you and make your day a little bit brighter.

(source SoCalWingFan on Reddit)

This Isn't the Refill You Were Looking For
An office worker complained to their IT department that faxes weren't working correctly, and that she couldn't receive new ones. The technician that arrived checked over every port, all the settings, and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally, at a complete loss, he decided to check inside, and open the paper tray, thinking there might be a jam.

Maybe You Should be a Copy Cat Instead
Perhaps this kitty was wanting to get in on all these CAT scans that he heard people talking about, or he just wanted to get the straight “fax” on things. Either way, this is a good argument against Take-Your-Pet-to-Work-Day – you just may end up faxing a hairball instead!

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