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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Uses of Electronic FAX

Using an Electronic FAX service these days is something that can come up in some of the most unexpected places. It would seem that most people who would consider online or electronic FAXes might be business people. It may surprise some to find that electronic FAX services have become popular for many reasons which the average home user might someday need to take advantage of.

Online Work

More and more people are learning to supplement their income by taking jobs online through websites geared towards freelancing of all kinds. Others try their hand at selling items to raise some extra money through online services. No matter how people are gaining a little extra pocket change, most reputable online businesses require the filing of tax forms. And often, one option to turning in your information securely is by FAX. By using an Electronic FAX, filing these forms becomes an easy task that won't require driving to an outlet, which charges fees for each page sent.

Private Communications

For some long distance communication, FAX is the only option. Although you may want to communicate often, sending a FAX can be a time consuming task that can be avoided thanks to Electronic FAX services. By avoiding problems, such as paper jams, phone services which are often busy or can cut out mid transmission, FAXing becomes an easy way to send a short note or an in depth letter.

Professional Correspondence

When it comes to sending in professional or sensitive statements, such as tax forms, applications for employment or even papers in relation to financial assistance, a FAX is one of the top choices. Due to the sensitivity of these types of documentation and the personal data within, having a safe way to transfer it is always a high priority. Bu using an electronic Fax service, you help protect yourself from dangers such as identity theft.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Electronic Fax Overview

If you are looking for a great alternative to a FAX machine in your home or small business or even corporate offices, then Electronic Fax is a terrific choice. Not only will you get a dedicated FAX phone number, but you can save resources such as paper and electricity for a bulky and sometimes complicated machine. All the while, you will be sending data which can go directly to an email address if your recipient so desires. You may also use your Electronic FAX service to send information which will be printed out on a conventional FAX machine

How it Works

Electronic FAX has the unique ability to take a conventional FAX and convert it to data, which is transferred directly to the recipients email inbox. This not only helps to ensure a greener way to FAX, but with email data to be received, you make your FAX open for receipt by those who do not have easy access to a FAX machine.

The beauty of an Electronic FAX service is that it also works for receipt of FAXes as well. If you don't want to invest in a FAX machine yourself then utilizing an online FAX service may be just the thing. You will still have access to any conventional FAX service but without the need for an extra device in your offices.


You will also be avoiding extra costs for things needed to run a FAX machine such as paper, ink and even the hike in some utilities. And for documentation which originates on a computer, there is no longer any need to print before FAXing. Simply send the data through your Electronic FAX service.

You will also be adding a layer of security to documentation sent though your Electronic FAX service. Most services add a layer of encryption to all FAXes to help ensure the personal security of all information in their care. You will also have control of your FAXes. You will know when they are sent and to whom.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Internet Fax Service For Your Business

To run a business, you almost always have to have a fax machine. There are times that important documents need to be signed, and faxing them back and forth can take care of these issues immediately. However, keeping a fax machine, especially if it is only used rarely, can be costly. Normally, you will need to have a second phone line that is dedicated for the fax machine, and most of the data transmissions come through and don't look very clear. This is where an internet fax service can come in handy.

As a solution, there are many online fax options that keep you from needing your own phone and fax line to be able to send and receive faxes. We offer a free 15 day trial and allow you to send and receive faxes by email. We allow businesses to use a local or toll free number, and there is no software that you need to download or install to get make the system work.

In addition, we allow you to send faxes to multiple people at the same time, and you can set up your own custom cover page, so that when you send a fax, it shows your business logo and contact information every time. As an added bonus, we save a copy of every fax that you send and receive, so even if you have a data loss issue, your faxes and documents are still safe with Fax87.

If you are a business and looking to save money, one great way to do so is to start using a account and get rid of your second phone line and fax machine. It will save you time and money, while allowing you to check on faxes from your computer or smart phone.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sending a Free Fax Online

Oftentimes sending a FAX is the only way to communicate with businesses, websites, work or other establishments. But not everyone has a fax machine on hand. This type of external device, although useful, simply isn't part of the average user's network. Because of this, having the ability to send a free FAX straight from one's home computer, laptop, and other internet devices is an extremely handy bit of knowledge to have.

Sending a free FAX online can be a very simple process and is available on many websites. Most of these websites make use of advertisements to make up for the lack of cost on the user's part. These free FAXes are also usually limited to a specified number of pages per FAXing session. Other sites limit the number of times per day the service can be utilized. This is why it is good to shop around to find the service that will meet your needs.

No matter what service you decide to use, the process is virtually the same. A file in requested format must be available to upload. Many free FAX services will only transfer files of certain formats, which may require you to reformat the data before sending it through the free FAX service.

For printed documents to be used for a free online FAX service, the use of a scanner will often be a necessity. The documents will need to be scanned and saved in one of the preferred formats to be transferred via the free FAX system you have chosen.

Once you have your document prepared, you will need to fill in the required information for transfer. You may also be required to view an advertisement or fill out some additional information. A common request from free FAX websites are references to friends informing them about the free FAX service you are using.

Once you have completed all requested information your FAX will then be sent. The website will most often inform you through email once the FAX has been completed. Once this has been done, you can be assured that the receiving party has received your FAX.


Friday, February 10, 2012

An Internet Fax Service: Helping the Environment and Saving You Money

Throughout the years, becoming more conscious of the environment has been a growing matter. From natural gas cars to recycling bins, people are continuously thinking of new ways and changing common habits in order to be more eco-friendly. As opposed to the traditional fax machine, which requires the use of paper and ink cartridges, an Internet fax service is an eco-friendly alternative to send and receive information, while also saving you money. 

Using a traditional fax machine requires the use of paper and ink cartridges. Although these can be recycled, not everyone is following the "going green" motto. In many cases, paper and ink cartridges are left in trash cans, hurting the environment. Also, a traditional fax machine requires you to pay for these supplies. If you use a fax machine often, especially in a place of business, then you can probably imagine how the money can add up. But, with an Internet fax service, you can stop spending on ink and paper and save money.  

Additionally, eco-friendly business practices are becoming more popular and not just for the above reasons alone. Some companies are receiving tax breaks for becoming more "green," which is an additional benefit to using an internet fax service as opposed to the traditional fax machine.
You can save money and help the environment by using an Internet fax service.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Online Faxing and Your Cell Phone - Mobility Personified

Online faxing offers a plethora of advantages to your small, medium, or large-sized business. Companies, organizations, and institutions of any size and their employees can benefit from the improved efficiency, cost-cutting, and workflow management that our electronic fax services provide. Beyond these elements though, is the issue of mobility. Mobility is centered on the fact that our fax services are accessed via the web. We obviously do not require you to purchase hardware to run our fax processes besides a computing device with an internet connection. Further, we do not even require the purchase of any software. Everything you need for your online faxing is accessible through our web platform. Wherever you have the internet, you have the ability to send and receive fax messages.  

This opens up a world of possibilities for both individuals using our service for personal use and for company employees who find themselves on the go often. Now Fax87 customers can simply fax using the web platform via their mobile device, and specifically with their cell phone. Customers can take a picture of a document or whatever the image is to be faxed and can then upload the picture and manage the documents from there. People can thus do their online faxing, sending and receiving faxes literally from anywhere they go with their cell phone, provided they have smartphone capabilities like internet access and a camera. 

There is a constant fight to maximize employee workflow and minimize the impact that traveling has on efficiency and productivity. Now, productivity will suffer less while people are on the move because they can take advantage of our web platform from their mobile device. This is an exciting development for many businesses and we invite you to further explore our website for more, similar insight on our services and how they can benefit you.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Money Back Guarantee & Free Online Fax Services

Free online fax services can deliver a number of different features to its clients. For example, we deliver a service that allows you to fax to multiple people at once, brings you a local or toll free number for free, provides a platform to manage your faxes, and all with free customer support. However, beyond this we offer a 100% money back guarantee. The money back guarantee is a time-tested feature that shows the confidence a company has in their products and services. You can find money back guarantees across all industries, but they unfortunately are not all created equal.

Many money back guarantees are falsely executed or at least do not present the full picture of what the customer can actually expect to experience, and free online fax service providers are not immune. This is not good business and in the end, cheats the customer. This is why we worked hard to put together a genuine 30 day, 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied, just tell us and you will be refunded. On top of this money back guarantee, we offer a free 15 day trial where you can try our service and see if it satisfies all of your needs. We are very confident our service will not just meet your expectations, but far surpass them. However, as a safety net, we offer the free trials and money back guarantees just to make sure you have a positive experience with free online fax services.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Transition to a Paperless Office Through Finding An Online Fax Service

More and more offices are switching to paperless services for the majority of their office needs.  The file cabinets and countless manila file folders and envelopes will soon become office goods of the past, in 2012 almost everybody knows that it's possible to send an online fax.  Today there's little excuse for businesses to not be using online faxing for all of their faxing needs, especially when there are so many free internet fax services to choose from. 

NBC's comedy The Office has their main character Michael Scott sum up traditional faxing rather well, "Fax?  Why don't you just send it over on a dinosaur?"  Traditional faxing was once one of the fastest and easiest ways to send out needed information.  Now thanks to technological advancements we have an even faster and easier way to send information that still uses some elements from traditional faxing, but has taken away the need to use large bulky fax machines and paper.  All you need to send an online fax is an internet capable device and an internet connection.

 Switching to an online faxing service will get you one step closer to your ultimate goal of becoming a paperless office.  Many people see converting to a paperless office as a way to save money.  While it is true that switching to a paperless office can save your business money because of the reduced costs for paper, ink and equipment maintenance and repair, there are reasons that go beyond money that should influence your choice to go paperless.  Using online faxing and other paperless services improves the environment by severely reducing the usage of paper, ink, and other products you're helping cut down on pollution and consumption.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Internet Faxing is Good for the Health Care Industry

Whether you're a doctor comparing notes on a patient with another doctor or a nurse sending out a refill request to a pharmacy, you need reliable communication.  Sending a fax by e-mail (also known as an internet fax) is an efficient way to send communications for people working in the health field; online faxing is reliable, fast, and inexpensive.  Many health care workers reading this probably have probably experienced the hassles traditional faxing can create.  You may have not been able to send a fax to another doctor's office because their fax machine was broken, or you could have wasted precious time waiting for a fax to get through to a busy and popular hospital.  Online faxing can eliminate these problems.  You won't have to worry about broken machines causing communication problems since you'll be sending faxes over the internet, all you would need is a computer with an internet connection.  You also won't have to worry about competing with other fax machines that are trying to reach the same location. 

HIPAA Privacy Issues

After learning about all of the benefits online faxing has to offer you're eager to sign up for an internet fax service.  Since you work in the health care industry it's very important to pick a faxing service that has excellent security features, if not you could find yourself in major legal trouble for not complying with HIPAA privacy rules.  The HIPAA privacy rule was designed to protect individual's medical records and any other personal health information.  The privacy rules are a national standard that applies to all health plans, health care providers, and health care clearing houses.  Sending a fax online is very convenient, but if you don't use a service with adequate security features important patient information could fall into the wrong hands.  What if someone gets a hold of a fax containing a patient's medical history, or what if an addict was able to get a hold of a faxed prescription?  These are serious potential problems, but if you pick a reputable internet fax service with thorough security you shouldn't have to worry about these issues.  There are even some internet faxing services that  Also be sure to review HIPAA policy before you make any faxing decisions, rules can change and you need to be sure you're still  following HIPAA standards. 

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